Your new communication tool

Our new product is powered by a big breakthrough in emotion sensing technologies and electro-magnetic healing. The paw acts as a two way conduit for emotion sensing as well as transmitting. Cuddly comfort pet, emotion bank and non-verbal communication in one, the paw is allowing its users to understand themselves and others through instant emotion analysis and control.


Planting Plans

place your hand on the paw and let go of your feelings


Planting Plans

your feelings are analysed into easy to understand mood states


Planting Plans

your personal AI translates your feelings into objective truths


Computer Visualisation

communication becomes simple by connecting the paws together

The Paw

A technology enabled non-verbal communication system designed to bring its users in touch with themselves and others. The paw is a flexible comfort object that fits into every pocket. After years of abstinence users can explore real life contact with other humans by using the paw as a mediation tool. The paw can be attached to another paw as a powerful emotion transmitter and non-verbal communication tool. By mediating real life contact it’s allowing users to leave their homes again to embark on the unknown qualities of interchange with strangers.